Surveys & Consultancy fees

“Good, qualified advice can often save our clients thousands of pounds”.

Whilst some of the quotes we provide may be offered free of charge in some cases, in the majority of cases some form of survey and professional diagnosis is required in the first instance, and we typically charge for any type of investigation and report which includes a diagnosis or an element of professional liability.


“Consultancy, CSSW waterproofing design and damp diagnosis are the main part of my personal workload these days, however we do operate as a specialist contractor firm on a modest level”.

Examples of chargeable inspections and consultations:

– Pre-purchase or Pre-sale Damp & Timber surveys.

– Pre-purchase general appraisals (prior to making an offer)

– Any inspection where a formal diagnosis of dampness, decay, infestation or structural issue is required.

– Advice regarding mould growth or potential condensation issues.

– Inspection of rental properties, commercial premises and holiday cottages.

– Dispute Resolution reports.

– To prepare remedial specifications for works to be undertaken independently by others.

Our professional fees are generally lower than those of other professionals such an Architect, Engineer or Chartered Building Surveyor, however in many cases our specialist advice can be much more specific and helpful. In many cases our expert advice has saved our clients thousands of pounds by avoiding unnecessary or inappropriate work previously recommended by others.

Basement Waterproofing


Following the revision of BS8102 in 2009 which now requires the involvement of a CSSW qualified waterproofing designer, waterproofing of below-ground structures such as retaining walls, existing cellars or new-build basements has become the largest element of the work we undertake. We are Approved Installers for Newton Waterproofing systems https://www.newtonwaterproofing.co.uk/ and other brands.

David Reynolds has the experience, professional qualifications and Professional Indemnity insurance in place to design, specify, install and fully guarantee our own bespoke system using one or a combination of the many excellent systems and products on the market.

Rising Damp Control

The majority of buildings constructed in Cornwall before around 1900 were not built with any form of damp-proof course (DPC) at the base of the walls and many have sustained some degree of rising damp, which affects only the lower parts of the walls.

There are a number of ways that active rising damp can be managed, controlled or eliminated, and a sound understanding and correct management of the associated residual hygroscopic salt contamination ensures an effective overall result.


There are a number of different species of wood-boring beetle which affect timbers within buildings in the UK, and all are treatable in one way or another although a correct diagnosis is essential. Most of our timber treatments carry a 20 year guarantee.

Dry-Rot & Wet-Rot

There are a number of common species of wood-rotting fungi which are found in our buildings, many of which can look very similar in the way they appear and the way they destroy the timber and this is why expert diagnosis is essential. A good understanding of the nature and biology of the various wood-rotting fungal species enables us to effectively treat decay with the minimum of disruption.

Structural reinforcement 

Low-disturbance, working structural masonry repairs and reinforcement for most common problems including bowed and cracked walls, failed lintels and settlement. Most standard repair specifications and many of our bespoke reinforcement designs can be guaranteed and insured.

Plastering & pointing

Whilst we do not operate as a general building contractor, we are able to undertake services such as specialist replastering, repointing, rendering and general repairs associated with our damp-related and structural works.


Because of our modest size and the way that our business is set up, we regret that we are unable to get involved with the following:

General leaks / maintenance issues

External guttering, soffits or rainwater goods.

Defective window joinery

Woodworm treatments in furniture and internal joinery

Extensions or general new-build work

Roof coverings





Decoration (except in conjunction with external lime renovation work)

If you have problems with any of the above, we recommend that you contact a reputable local Maintenance Contractor or general builder, or even a local handyman for small jobs



“I’d like to thank you and your workmen for a highly satisfactory result”


“its nice to work with a small local firm who we can talk to”


“David came very highly recommended by my building surveyor, and I was not disappointed”


With the Coronavirus risk presently escalating significantly, surveys and site inspections are largely curtailed and will be considered strictly on a risk-assessed basis, and only to unoccupied properties or open construction sites and when considered to be urgent and strict criteria will apply.

All non-urgent inspections and surveys are now curtailed until further notice. 


Should your enquiry qualify as being suitably urgent and where safety of all parties can be ensured, current lead-time for surveys and inspections is approximately 3-4 weeks depending on location.

In many cases we can provide advice and estimates based on sufficient photographs or drawings etc, which can be emailed to us directly for a desktop inspection.

We are still providing our popular desktop waterproofing design service.



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