Treatment, waterproofing and repair of homes and buildings in Cornwall for over 30 years.


Whilst there’s always the opportunity to become a larger business, this would detract from what has made us successful.

With over 35 years experience directly within the building preservation / waterproofing industry I began my career after leaving Sixth Form in 1983, working as a Treatments Technician for the local branch of a large and established building preservation company. I then subsequently worked for a couple of other building preservation companies including the UKs market leader at that time. With very much a hands-on working background for the first part of my career I developed a genuine interest in older buildings in particular, and as my experience and technical knowledge increased through work and formal training, the surveying of buildings was a natural career progression for me, which has subsequently evolved into Consultancy work which has become a significant part of my own personal workload.

I founded David Reynolds Building Preservation in 1996 to provide the personal and flexible service I feel my clients needed, and it has developed into a strongly established Company trading mainly on word-of mouth and our local reputation.

Whilst I still endeavor to work hands-on with my tools and staff occasionally wherever possible, my primary day-to-day role is as the principal Surveyor within the business. I personally undertake all surveys and consultancy work and compile my own reports, and attend to site management and organization”.

In terms of our contracting work we are a very small firm, with just a small team of staff employed for their individual skills and personal qualities. Like most firms we do also have a small network of good, reliable self-employed tradesmen who we employ on a casual basis. These self-employed staff are very much an integral part of our team and the casual arrangement tends to work well for everybody.


We recognise that most old buildings will have defects and imperfections, which to some extent may form part of their appeal and character. However, dampness, timber decay and structural movement are, in their various forms, the three most significant threats to any building.

We have the knowledge, systems and skills to remedy or prevent almost all such problems in almost any type of building, and we can go to whatever lengths are necessary to achieve the result a client requires.

One of our unique skills is identifying the most appropriate set of priorities for any property, thereby avoiding works which may be costly and unnecessary.

We endeavour, as far as possible, to use methods and materials which are traditional and sympathetic to any particular building, whilst accepting that in many cases a combination of modern and traditional methods is often necessary to achieve the desired result for modern-day living.

Above all, whilst we can offer our advice and opinions, we will always respect a client’s own views, opinions and individual requirements, and in many cases we can provide solutions to clients working on a limited budget.


We are a small firm with just a few employees carefully chosen for their individual skills and personal qualities.

Whilst there’s always the opportunity to increase our workload and to become a larger business, this would detract from what has made us successful. We’ve made the choice to remain a small firm, able to maintain our customer relations and quality control.


Surveyor and Principal Director


I founded the business in 1996, and have since developed it to become a strongly established and highly regarded company.

Day-to-day, I undertake all surveys, inspections and consultancy work. I personally compile all reports, specifications and quotations; and attend to site management.


I have over 35 years’ experience in surveying, treating and repairing literally thousands of Cornish buildings of many types, including many Listed buildings.   

Born in 1965, I grew up in the fishing village of Flushing, where my father ran the local boat yard in the 1970s. I attended the local Primary, Secondary and Sixth-Form schools, and in 1983 gained my first permanent job, with the Truro branch of a well-known and large building preservation company where I developed (or discovered) a keen interest in old buildings. I subsequently progressed my career through 2 other firms including the UKs market leader at that time. However, I became disillusioned by their increasingly sales- and target-orientated direction and in 1996 I set up this, my own business, to provide the personal and flexible service I feel my clients need.

I live in Redruth with my family, in a Victorian terraced house in a quiet residential part of the town. Despite the demands of the business I ensure that I still make time for family and social life, and occasionally to indulge in my hobbies, which include sea fishing and mountain-biking.



Knowledge and quality are at the heart of our business. David Reynolds Building Preservation  is a member of the following trade organisations:

Property Care Association

The PCA is an independent body set up to help educate and regulate the sector of the building industry involved with timber preservation, damp-proofing, structural waterproofing  and structural maintenance. As a  PCA member we are regularly audited to ensure we continue to maintain  the highest levels of professionalism  in all aspects of our work and service.

British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association

The BWPDA has for many years  been the the UK’s foremost authority on damp-proofing and timber preservation, and is now incorporated within the Property Care Association.


This is an award-winning scheme supported by the government,  the building industry and consumer groups, set up to help the general public avoid rogue traders by identifying reliable and trustworthy companies.

British Structural Waterproofing Association

The BSWA is a highly active and respected association providing training, support and technical publications to the waterproofing sector of the industry. Members include independent consultants, system manufacturers and  contractors like ourselves.  Criteria for membership is very  strict, and only firms with properly qualified (CSSW) surveyors, able  to demonstrate professional and  financial integrity, are eligible to  be considered for membership.

BSWA membership provides  us access to the best technical  support, and enables us to offer  GPI Guarantee insurance for our structural waterproofing work.

Sub-Contactors & Ancillary Trades

Whilst we undertake all of our specialist works in-house using our direct employees, however like most other similar companies we also have a small network of good, reliable sub-contract tradesmen whom we employee on a casual basis to assist in many of the less specialist works; such as plastering and  general building work.

This semi-casual arrangement works very well for everybody. These are colleagues who have been associated with us for many years (some are former employees), and are as much a part of the firm as our direct employed staff. 

We also have an association with some ancillary trades such as plumbers, electricians and specialist joiners, whom we usually introduce to work directly for our clients.